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Understanding Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation in a Divorce

The stress and anxiety that comes with divorce affects not just the divorcing couples, but also their children. We, at Ferguson Moorti Law Professional Corporation, are here to make the process as smooth as possible. We understand the criticality of legal procedures and always aim to make the entire process easy, clear and stress-free for you. We are amongst the top-notch Criminal Law Firms in Ottawa that provides the best legal advice and representation to ensure your legal rights are met. When you decide to separate from your spouse, there are three potential ways to deal with various issues like matrimonial property, child custody, child support and many more.

Ottawa Family Law Lawyer

You can use mediation, arbitration or litigation, or a combination of all of these methods to get a divorce from your spouse. It is always a good idea to consult with to determine which methods would be most appropriate for you depending upon your particular situation. Let us understand each process one by one.


Mediation is a process where you endeavor to determine exceptional issues among yourself and your spouse by working out terms that you both consent to. For mediation to be fruitful, the two individuals must be happy to settle on different issues. Since the middle person can’t force a settlement, the procedure regularly includes the couple meeting with their particular divorce lawyer and a third-party- the arbiter to work out a settlement. You can likewise go to Mediation without a legal counselor, however, you will need to acquire independent legal advice all together for the mediation terms to be conclusive and official.


Arbitration is a process when married couples are not agreeing on different matters after going through mediation. In this process, the couple, along with their particular divorce lawyers, meets in front of a third-party arbitrator. The arbitrator is non-biased and listens to arguments made by each person and then makes a decision based on the argument. The decision is unalterable, just like it would be in a family court. Arbitration prevents the couple from appearing in court in front of a judge. The entire process of arbitration is quite faster and enables the parties to control what issues are dealt with.


Litigation is the procedure utilized when the couple has failed to work out reasonable agreements during arbitration or mediation procedures, or they feel that it is faster and simpler to go directly to court. Any unresolved issues are, at last, contended in court before the judge. The judge listens to the argument made by every individual before making a decision. Once the judge rules on the exceptional matter, the decisions are permanent, subject only to intrigue if the decision isn’t right, either in fact or law.

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