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Ottawa Criminal Lawyer FAQ

If you are accused of crimes, hiring an experienced criminal attorney is the best option. Before hiring one for your case representation, you need to know everything about the criminal attorneys. Whether you need one attorney, how to get one, and how much you will have to pay, here are some FAQs you should ask. 

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FAQ # 1 – How Can I Get A Court To Appoint A Lawyer For Me?

Usually, if you want a court to appoint a lawyer for you at government expense, you must:

Ask the court to select a lawyer, and provide details about your financial situation.

The judge will probably ask you whether a lawyer represents you. If a lawyer is representing your case, the judge will ask whether you want to apply for court-appointed counsel. If an Ottawa criminal lawyer is not, courts will appoint a lawyer to finish your accusation. Other courts will delay your case and select a lawyer only after reviewing and approving your economic circumstances.

Each state has its own rules about who qualifies for a free attorney. However, as a general rule, if you are judged to be indigent, and there is an actual risk of a jail or prison sentence, the court must appoint free legal counsel.

If you don’t qualify for free help but can’t afford a private lawyer’s full cost, you may still obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney. Most states provide for “partial indulgence,” which means that, after the case, the judge will require you to reimburse the state or county for a portion of the representation costs.

FAQ # 2 – Do I Need A Lawyer At My Accusation?

In most criminal courts, the allegation is where you first appear before a judge and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the offense charged. If you enter a request of not guilty, here are some steps you will get at the accusation. 

  • The judge announced a new date for the next procedural event 
  • The judge considers any bail requests that your prosecutor makes
  • The judge appoints a lawyer for your case if needed

However, it’s almost always better to have an experienced attorney whether court-appointed or privately retained.

FAQ # 3 – Should I Represent Myself In A Criminal Case?

The less severe the charged crime is the clearest rule; the more sensible it is to represent you in front of the jury. Defendants charged with slight crimes cases should rarely hire a lawyer for a criminal case. However, it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney if defendants are charged with serious felonies. 

The most critical information in deciding self-representation is what the likely punishment will be if convicted. Representing a case by a lawyer – when jail time is possible – is a wise option. And remember, favor for apparently minor crimes can carry hidden “downstream” costs such as increased insurance rates, loss or suspension of a professional license. 

FAQ # 4 – How Can I Find A Private Defense Lawyer?

If you are recently arrested due to a criminal offense, you need to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A dedicated team of lawyers arranges the release of the defendant and provides some information about the case. 

If you have already experienced a criminal case with a defense lawyer in the past, it is a better option to contact that lawyer to get satisfying services. Most lawyers do civil work, such as divorces, drafting wills, representing people hurt in accidents, and many more. Make sure you hire an experienced lawyer in Kanata to represent your case in the courtroom. You can ask attorneys you know to recommend a criminal defense lawyer for your case. 

Family Members Or Friends

You can get the reference to a criminal defense lawyer from someone close to you who may know about a lawyer for this type of case or may have time to find the right one for your criminal case.  

Referral Services

Lawyer referral services are another source of information, but there is a wide variation in the quality of these services. With the best referral services, you can find the right attorney with particular qualifications and a great experience. In contrast, other services will list any attorney in good standing with the state bar who maintains liability insurance. 


You can visit a local courtroom and sit via a few criminal hearings for your case. If a particular lawyer impresses you, ask for her card after the trial is over, and then call for an appointment.

The Bottom Line!

Once you have asked these FAQs, you will find the best criminal lawyer for representing your case in the court. If you are still looking for an experienced lawyer in Ottawa, Ontario, for your criminal case, contact us at (613) 257-7772 today to schedule a consultation.