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Kanata Estate Planning

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A large area of not only law but also life is estate planning; as Benjamin Franklin once pronounced, “ There are only two things certain in life: Death and Taxes!”

Estate planning is an extremely crucial area of law and one that our firm has dealt with extensively over the years, with over 1,500 dedicated clients in the area. Our firm is well equipped to handle the matter from start to finish, starting from the drafting of your Last Will & Testament to the disbursement of funds to your beneficiaries.

This is one of the areas of law that we seek to emphasize the notion of customer-focused practice; if need be, our team is able to facilitate the transaction around your work-times and locations and will aid in coming to you to facilitate these transactions.


Our list of commonly provided Ottawa Legal services include:

  • Last Will & Testament Drafting
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care Drafting
  • Continuing Power of Attorney for Property Drafting
  • Health Care Directive Drafting
  • Education Trust Funds
  • Disability & Henson Trust Funds
  • Precatory Memorandums
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Probate Applications
  • Applications for Certification of Estate Trustees With A Will
  • Applications for Certification of Estate Trustees Without A Will
  • Estate Trustee Security Bond Placements
  • Estate Litigation
  • Equalizations Under A Will
  • Creditor Claims Against A Deceased Party
  • Succession Law Claims